12 novembro, 2006

Marc Ribot

Quinta-feira passada o Luís e eu fomos parar à casa da Música e a três filas do palco vibramos com Marc Ribot a tocar Albert Ayler.

«(...) Whether or not Ayler is “jazz” or not is, in my opinion, up for grabs. He can be productively written into a history of jazz, into a history of wider improvisational music, into a history of punk rock in terms of the intensity of the experience — and also productively written into a history of religious/ritual music. Whether he’s jazz or not, I don’t know, but he definitely seems to have come out of the free jazz movement. You know, this term fools a lot of people. They seem to think it means, “gosh, now we can do whatever we want.” But in fact, every one of the major free jazz players invented a new formal system of improvising (...)».